Text of the Constitution of Thailand

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Text of the Constitution of Thailand

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The Constitution of Thailand

Government Structure

The power of the Government of Thailand rests with the High Council of Thailand. Membership in the High Council is by invitation only. A citizen who wishes to run for the office of President must be vetted by the High Council. A citizen elected to the position of President and who is not on the High Council receives a temporary appointment to the High Council for the duration of his term. A President who acts in compliance to the Constitution during his term may be permanently added to the High Council. The High Council is responsible for discussing changes to the Treasury, aspects of foreign policy, and for conducting primaries. The High Council may invite foreign citizens into Thailand for certain roles by a ruling.

To be eligible to run for President, a citizen must have been a resident of Thailand for at least six months, or, if he has served as a Congressman for at least two terms in a foreign nation, four months. He must have a newspaper, and must be vetted by the Members of the High Council.

To be eligible to become a Congressman, a citizen must have a newspaper and have been a citizen for at least 45 days before running for Congress.

The President possesses both the rights given to a High Councilor and the rights granted to Presidents by the eRepublik laws. He has final say over matters of foreign policy, and may only be overruled by the Council in extreme circumstances. Any changes in domestic policy that he wishes to enact must be approved by the Council. The President may distribute monies as he sees fit with the approval of the Council. Council meetings must be held at least once per week.

Congressmen possess the right to debate policy changes, and to officially propose policy changes no less than 24 hours after the attempt to change them is announced in the media. All other rights they have are those encoded in the eRepublik laws.

Directors are responsible for all aspects of their respective fields. A Director may only be overruled by the President and the Council. Directors may be replaced by a ruling of the Council. At least 1/3 of all Cabinet posts must be filled by High Council Members. The list of Directorates are:

Political Directorate: In charge of Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and Communication. May appoint up to one deputy for each of his three responsibilities.

Economic Directorate: In charge of controlling the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. Is responsible for keeping Thailand financially secure.

Defense Directorate: In charge of the Thai Defense Forces and the Mobile Infantry. May appoint up to two Deputy Quartermasters responsible for distributing weaponry.

Denmark Directorate: In charge of relations with all Danish citizens and the government of Denmark.

Directorate of Social Services: Responsible for new citizen education and promoting intra-national harmony.

Special Dignitaries: Directors appointed by the President to act as envoys to certain groups or nations deemed to be of high importance.

A President may create more Directorates as he so needs. These extra Directorates, however, will expire at the end of his term.

Directors are expected to work at one of the Thailand Government’s companies for minimum wage for one week out of their Directorial mandate.

If a Directorate entails controlling a government organization, the password may only be known by a maximum of two people, counting the Director.


The President may call for a national referendum on an issue if he so desires. Referendums will be monitored by the High Council. A referendum must have a total of twenty votes cast in order to be binding upon the nation. A referendum’s result may only be cancelled with another referendum or through a decision of the High Council.

Amending the Constitution

The Constitution may be amended through a decision of the High Council, or through a 2/3 majority vote of the Congress in the media or the forums.

Any laws added and not included in this constitution will be codified accordingly.


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