Citizenturk İn eThailand!

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Citizenturk İn eThailand!

Post  Citizenturk on Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:16 am

Dear People of eThailand

First of all i would like to thank the people who have accepted my citizenship application. I would like to meet new people and so i will start off with my career in eRepublik.

Army Career

I found short thime in Turkish army,My enjoy modules , war modules in eRepublik,and I'm very experienced the organization.Advance which is one of the world's largest mobile army TMT,I'm founder and commander in TMT.My work is this direction in tailand!

TMT Newspaper

And TMT Operation

Economic Career

For a long time i have had several q3 house companies. I want sell house eThailand people cheap. As i have run out of stock i am currently trying to re-stock and start selling again. More than 20 Q3 house at the standard price of 2 gold i have sold to my friends that are real Thai that helped this nation out. I currently still have my 1 q2 helicopter company(full stock) and q3 house company(3 license) and q1 stone company(2 license)

Now Thailand!

To accelerate my career once more and to sign off my name for the better i am here in Thailand. First of all i will do my part for the community by investing 300 gold inside Greece and help the economy grow and prosper. From this day on i will open a q3 house company and make a stock of 20 house, I will give this to the government to use in the future.

The party i have joined United Thailand Party is the party i would like to speak with and try to become a congress member. I would like to stay strong and true to eThailand.And lets kick out of the indo pto out of the eThailand!

Hail eThailand!

Best Regards/Citizenturk


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