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Embassy of Japan

Post  SakuraSato on Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:13 am

Hey there Thai friends!

Greetings from Japan, I am the eJapanese ambassador to Thailand at the moment.

For starters I'll let you know the current cabinet of eJapan
President: Kita Ikki
Minister of Defense: Alfred Ball
Minister of Finance: Danyeo
Minister of Foreign Affairs: DanPMK
Minister of Interior: exReality
-Media Relations and Communications Officer: Vicki Keahi *
-Japan Election Commissioner: virusxpl
Minister of Culture and History: DankChronic

Our IRC is #eJapan on Rizon and national forums - http://nipponblog.net/index.php

Due to the holiday season things are pretty slow, the only things of importance happening are japan finishing a region swap with America and discussions of joining PANAM

If you have any questions please Pm me or just reply

-Sakura Very Happy


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